Webcomics You Should Read

In the first installment of the Summer of Late Reviews, let’s talk about some webcomics I’ve been reading and that you should be reading too!

To begin I am shamelessly telling you to read Echo’s Rift because Jennifer Potter took me dogspotting #sorrynotsorry. Potter’s art is moody and expressive, lending the whole story a very Stranger Things vibe from the first page. The story follows Elliot, who grew up up in isolation in the woods with his conspiracy theorist father. When Elliot takes in a one-eyed bunny his dad wigs and drives off into the trees to find them a new hiding spot. Strange lights, heavy science, and some philosophical discussion spur this webcomic into pageturner territory.


The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by Kyle Latino is next and oh my god this comic is just a joy. She Dwarf leaves home to seek adventure, following in the footsteps of her legendary mother. Along the way she wins “beard-offs,” beats up monsters with her hammer, and impresses the sexiest bird man I’ve ever seen. The comic’s strength is in its ability to get weird with reckless abandon in combination with Latino’s bright, happy cartoon style.


What a Queer Family from Reed Black is like if all our favorite Cartoon Network shows from the late 90’s met decent diversity standards. The strip follows two dudes trying to raise their little hellions–almost literally–with the help from a Satan-charming grandmother and a whole lotta magic. You’ve really got to read it to believe it but What a Queer Family is a happy-go-lucky story about the adventure that is raising a family.


What webcomics are you reading? Let me know on the Tweeters.


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