Catching Up: Summer of Late Reviews and Other Things

Here’s the deal: we all know I’ve got a few adult-kid responsibilities like making rent and bills and sorting out all the mess I shoved under the rug when I was in college. This means I’ve been a little MIA in my posts and especially in my videos the last few months. I wanted to take a second and have a sort of virtual-coffee-catch-up sesh with you (unless you don’t like coffee in which case we can have tea, that’s fine too).

The Summer of Late Reviews

Because of adult-kid problems that really don’t need to be aired out all over the internet I’ve had to cancel my comic subscription and lay off spending money on books for a few months.  I announced this on Twitter so that’s not really news but I’ve since found ways around dropping $30+ a week to continue my sequential art fix. For one, having people in my life who send me a bunch of webcomics to read or literally mail me a box so full of trades that it splits open on the side has just been incredible. Inspired by the latter, I’ve decided to do a series of reviews of books that have been out for several years but are new to me–and maybe to you! You never know! The world is vast and made of possibility! I also need to get off my ass and do another webcomic roundup y’all–there’s a wealth of good ish out there that I haven’t even touched on yet.

I’m Still Here I Promise

I’ve been writing other places (BLASPHEMER) and as such was recently just published with The Bold Italic, which you can read if you click this bit of text. I also have a feels-purge up at Geek Chic Elite about my first play through of Final Fantasy VII. The problem with only having so many hours in a day is that after my 9-5 gig and my 6-midnight freelance spots I’ve sorta gotta kill my darlings and decide where I’m going to put my writing energy. Sometimes that means ignoring Mel Reads Comics in pursuit of slightly larger audiences. I still love you darling, but mama’s gotta network.

Unfinished and Upcoming

So there’s a few things I think, in the interest of housekeeping, that are probably going to leave the Mel Reads Comics space. The Survivor’s Guide to Jessica Jones is one of them. In the interest of self-preservation I haven’t been watching anything too grim-dark or heavy. JJ is a beautiful thing in the comics-media space and I applaud its existence but the amount of self-care and preparation required for me to consume it almost negates the consumption itself. The other segment we’re going to say goodbye to is WTF is This. I’m already not buying new books, I’m certainly not gonna be investing in blind-buys for the sake of snark–someday I hope to be flyff enough to come back to this one though.

That being said, I’ll be adding more photography content to the MRC space.  I’m currently looking for some Bay Area cosplayers to do some sample shoots with and I’ll be attending Salt Lake City Comicon with Langarang Videography in September for a team-up similar to what we did at Anime Oasis. If you’re interested in shooting with me please don’t hesitate to reach out–I love doing anything from one-on-one to group shoots. Mandy and I’s schedule for SLCC will be forthcoming in the next month or so.


I’m finding my footing these days and I couldn’t be happier with the continued love and support from the folk reading this. Y’all are the greatest.


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