What Comics Would Anna Karenina Read?

My friend Hannah asked if I wanted to read Anna Karenina with her as a sort of mini-book club adventure and I said sure why not. 200 pages later I am somehow in love with Tolstoy’s ridiculous, frivolous, dramatic Russian cast and their messy-just-so lives. Because this is my blog and we do what I want, here’s what comics I think the characters in Anna Karenina would read.



Stepan Oblonsky — Oblonksy is a smooth-talking charmer who’s “indiscretions” are less than secret but not quite public. In combination with his business savvy and the way everyone just seems to really like this dude, I’d peg Oblonsky as an Iron Man reader. I feel like he’d find a lot of himself in Tony Stark–although Dolly is decidedly NOT a Pepper Pots.


Daria “Dolly” Oblonsky — Dolly’s described as being dry, and pale, and fragile, but like, she’s running a household with numerous children and just wants some love. I’d have to just try handing Dolly some books to see her tastes but I’d suggest Bee and Puppycat (light, airy, idyllic) or Prince Valiant (restrained, old-school, thrilling).


Konstantin Levin — A proud landowner and middle child, Levin gets turned down by the love of his life and proceeds to pout in the woods for a few months. Levin needs an underdog doing what they think is good. I think maybe Magneto, although I’m open to suggestions on this one (Levin is irritating and I have a hard time picking books for someone I think is irritating).


Alexey Karenin — Anna’s stiff older husband and a politician. I don’t know that Alexey would read a comic book, but if he did it would probably be something based in fact or educational. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change would probably be right up his alley.


Alexey Vronsky — Vronsky is the desperately romantic high-ranking soldier who’s in love with Anna. He cares about a greater good but also invests himself in just one love interest with a serious amount of devotion. I’m pretty sure Vronsky is Peter Quill as Brian Michael Bendis writes him. So Guardians of the Galaxy it is.


Anna Karenina — Whimsical and loving, Anna is viewed about as perfectly as Oblonsky, the difference being that I actually like her. I’d give Anna DC Bombshells or Wonder Woman–something old school with a particular charm you can’t fully communicate to a stranger.


Ekaterina “Kitty” Scherbatsky — Kitty is the daughter of a wealthy old Petersburg family, the item of Levin’s affection, and the desperate seeker of Vronksy’s attention. Kitty wants to follow her heart in all matters, regardless of the consequences. I’d give Kitty Fresh Romance and watch her little face light up.

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