4 MORE Webcomics You Should Be Reading

Because everyone needs a regular list to scroll through, here are 4 more webcomics you should be reading, including some long-standing gems and ECCC discoveries!

Lackadaisy Cats


Tracy J. Butler’s long-running historical fiction saga about bootlegger cats in the twenties is a joy to read. Butler’s commitment to historical accuracy (and sometimes fudgery, but I never notice unless she confesses) in combination with her compelling narrative makes for a comic unlike any other I’ve thus far encountered. Maybe it’s because I’m a Fitzgerald die-hard, or maybe it’s the psycho cat lady clawing through my usually serene exterior, but I’ve been reading Lackadaisy since I was doing my undergrad in Idaho six years ago and after revisiting it last week I can say it’s held up. Be prepared for some mixed feelings about cats and more than a few unintentional history lessons.

Rawr! Dinosaur Friends


Hannah McGill reached out to me after my last webcomic round up and I’m glad she did. Not only is she nice in-person, but she’s got a particular sense of humor that comes through in her work. Done as a series of fabulous one-liners and puns, Rawr! appeals to fans of “dad jokes” and dinosaurs alike, exploring scientific explanations, historical interactions and influences, and gently mocking our favorite ancient history detectives–anthropologists. My favorite is the one she does about the turkey still being related to dinosaurs…because turkeys are ridiculous.

Thistil Mistil Kistil


Sarah Schanze (who is also very nice in-person, BTWs) plays with Norse mythology in her telling of a young warrior’s quest to return lost pieces of the god’s weapons. Schanze’s art reflects early Viking runes and drawings but with bright, punchy comics colors, which gives the whole comic an ancient-but-modern aesthetic that’s hard to turn away from. Bonus points for the young Viking warrior who has a severe distaste for Odin and his nonsense (I haven’t found out why yet, so you gotta read for yourself!).

Epicurian’s Exile (Deep Engines)

A sample page from Epicurean's Exile, the first of many stories to come from the Deep Engines world.

It’s not cheating because I already wrote about the Deep Engines launch–I also read the comics posted there (Y’all have been to the site, don’t act surprised that I’m basically a Weathington cheerleader). In combination with J.T. Cole’s art and the stunning setting created by the Deep Engines team, Epicurian’s Exile stands out as a particularly unique slice-of-life style read. As a reader I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing the food critic just move through The Rift, whether that’s trying out some huge shrimp-kebobs or watching local artisans work. There’s not a lot of dialogue, but it doesn’t need it.


If you can’t tell, I LOVE webcomics, and yeah, I want to read yours.


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